Our History

Steeped in history, Heidelberg Union Church has the unique distinction of having been the only church In the area for more than 100 years. Heidelberg Township (which at first included Washington and Slatington Townships) opened for settlement in 1736 with an influx of immigrants from Germany and Switzerland. By around 1740, these settlers had begun to organize into Evangelical Lutheran and Evangelical Reformed Congregations. These meetings formed the foundations for our current congregation, Heidelberg Union Church a Federated Congregation with equal affiliation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the United Church of Christ.   

In 1744, the original two congregations "erected a church in which to hold divine services as long as we live... in order that we may serve God in our neighborhood in peace and harmony...for ourselves, our heirs and descendants". For over two and a half centuries, Heidelberg Union Church has fulfilled that promise, serving God in our community. The heirs and descendants of those original founders remain among today's congregants--Rex, Newhart, Oswald, Hoffman, Peter, Hunsicker, Blose, Lauchnor, Rehrig, Geiger, German, and Handwerk.

In 1757, the second church structure was built. The agreement between the two congregations discusses how the costs would be shared between the congregations, even down to how many acres of farmland and how much timber the schoolmasters were allowed to clear.

    By 1772, all of the land in Heidelberg Township was occupied by 117 families, almost of all of whom were church members. As the population in the township continued to grow, the church outgrew the 1757 structure. In 1787, the third church structure was built. It was made of wood--most likely logs--and measured 42 feet long by 34 feet wide.

     Early in 2021 the congregations combined to form Heidelberg Union Church, unifying the congregations together as one federated church.

Our Vision & Mission

As a newly federated congregation, we are currently in the visioning process. We are discerning who God is calling Heidelberg Union Church to

be now and in the future!

We welcome you to join us in the process!

Love God and Love Neighbor are the two greatest commandments according to Jesus Christ.

Our congregation lives out these two commandments to the best of our ability.

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Community Outreach

Here at Heidelberg we strive to make our local community a better place. Food drives and joyful noise (a special donation box we have on communion Sundays during service) help us to achieve this. Our members also serve at the Allentown Soup Kitchen and in UCC & ELCA wider church efforts including disaster relief.

Our Location is in Heidelberg Township

We are located at
5187 Irvin Rd, Slatington, PA 18080